Friday, January 23, 2015

Ode to the average American

I am not a politician. I am not a public union employee. I am not a hyphenated-American. I am not a person of wealth or influence. I am a native of my state. I am a veteran of both the United States Air Force and of the Army National Guard. I am a college graduate with an advanced science degree and I am a daughter, wife, step-mom, cousin, niece and friend.

I have filed and paid my federal income taxes every single year that I have earned a paycheck. I pay too much in taxes to the federal government and apparently it’s still not enough. Billions of our tax dollars are given to political cronies under the guise of “job creation” and still true unemployment is above 11%. Those who have made it a career to be politicians have made wealthy, powerful friends who keep them in office so that they benefit financially year after year. We, the taxpayers, continue to watch reality TV, network news and stick our heads in the sand as to the reality of the filthy corrupt cesspool that is DC.

I don’t feel entitled to anything I don’t earn. I am not a victim because I am a woman. I am not a victim when things don’t go my way. I am an average American who simply wants to be successful on my own merit and I want the US government to stay out of my home, my bed, my refrigerator, and my wallet. I want the federal government to do ONLY those things which the US Constitution gives it limited power to do and even then, I want it to be held accountable and on a tight leash by the governed. (Listen up! That’s you and me!)

I believe that over 50% of the ‘Government Agencies and Departments’ could be shut down and few people would notice. Level upon level of bureaucracy is simply a money pit for government and a wasteful way to spend our cash! It creates a huge part of our society perpetually dependent on the government for the entirety of their lives either by employment or programs.

I believe we the people should end all public unions. The very people paid by the taxpayers hold those same taxpayers hostage and level upon level of overpaid, overstaffed, bureaucracies are created to suck the average person dry with little to show for it. We have thrown billions of dollars at ‘education’ in the past 2 decades and still we are graduating, in comparison, the most ignorant people in the world! We cater to the weakest links in our society instead of raising the bar and holding parents responsible to feed and assist their children with their education. More money for the same old, same old in our public school systems is almost criminal and benefits no one but the union bosses and the political puppets they corrupt. People in ‘public service’ should make a decent wage and pay a portion of their benefits and retirement just like the rest of us. Bad teachers should be fired. Teachers that are passionate, creative and motivated should be kept and paid more! Get rid of level upon level of ‘administrators’. Pay good teachers so well, it becomes an honorable societal position to be one! Accountability not tenure will raise the bar and attract the most qualified and innovative to the career field. When pay is high and standards are high, guess what? The field becomes very competitive! Tenure and union strangle-holds increase complacency and indifference and perpetuate this declining system.

I believe in public office term limits and ending the career politicians’ gluttony at the trough of the American taxpayer. End ALL lobbying of the US Congress! Period!! Here’s a thought, go serve. Do the right thing for the country, not your re-election coffers! Then, go home and live within the same laws you passed for the rest of the country. While serving in the US House of Representatives, US Senate or as President, you get paid an average wage and when you leave office you get a job (not as a lobbyist perpetuating the same corruption) to plan and save for your future just like every other American.

As an elected representative of the people you ARE NOT the elite, the ruling class or the royalty of this great republic. As per our founding documents, you are to be citizen leaders and representatives of the people whose money you are spending! We have allowed those who stay on the public teat to keep voting people in that will give them more and more of other people’s money. I believe that until we drastically clean house in DC, the corruption and greed will continue and worsen. When courageous Americans stand up, take courage and make themselves heard as one voice, THEN we will get the change that must happen. Stop listening to the media, celebrities and race-baiters telling you what you are supposed to think. Get a backbone and shrug off the name-calling of your opponents. Speak the truth. Stand firm. Don’t compromise your integrity or principles. Those that scream most loudly usually don’t have either of those things to stand on.

I am like many Americans who watch as the loud minorities shove their radical agendas down our throats and then demand we pay for them! I would like to serve in the US House or Senate, but how do we citizens with principles and backbones start? Even at the municipal level qualified people of integrity are overlooked in favor of the ‘connected’ or ‘wealthy’ that can ‘raise enough money’. Or as is the case in my state, public unions basically buy their puppets seats in the state house to do their bidding. Our legislature is stacked with public union employees whose finances are taken care of while they ‘serve’ in the legislature. Either way, it’s an incestuous vicious cycle that benefits only those in its dirty little circle.

I believe that no matter what ‘party’ line each of us has bought into, there are people of all labels (R, D, I) who stand where I do. We should rise up. We are America. We are responsible for what we do with her. Shrink government. That means we fire a lot of bureaucrats and send a ton of jobs to the private sector. If these functions are necessary then the private sector will perform them better, cheaper and with more innovation than the government ever could! Wake up people! Learn from our country’s financial past….you only have to go back to the 70s to see that this big government full of corrupt panderers only leads to misery for the small businesses that make up the biggest part of any healthy economy. Don’t go one more day wallowing in complacency and willful ignorance. We the people can turn this thing around! Let’s DO THIS!!!

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