Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Not the 1% but the 46% I'm Ticked Off About!

With this whole '#Occupy-Madness', I can't be the only one who understands that these people claiming to be the 99% are either willfully ignorant or simply stupid 'sheeple' who blindly and boldly go where the master manipulators direct. You see, only 54% of Americans actually pay federal income tax. So, here's my take on the whole bit.

Our republic has a set of checks and balances set in place so as to protect the citizenry from a tyrannical government. Although it’s not in the US Constitution, the slogan from the 1750s of  “no taxation without representation” is a principle Americans believe is a founding tenet of our country. In very simple terms, those who write laws which in essence take money from the same citizenry are supposed to be ‘representing’ the citizens’ interests when they make those laws. They are to be on the people's side, not the ‘government’s’ side. Yet, upon being elected, they become the anti-taxpayer by nature of the corrupted political process in which they must constantly solicit money to get re-elected. Therefore they are owing to special interests and lobbying factions instead of actually representing the voter who put them in office. The voters become pawns of the people who market and package candidates in such a way as to obtain the desired outcome from elections. (just look at 2008) Talk about a brilliant marketing strategy! We hired a guy with no executive experience because they marketed him so well!

As I think about this and then think about our upcoming election cycle, these two thoughts occurred to me;
  1. 46 percent of Americans will pay no federal individual income tax this year1
  2. Those same 46 percent are in a position to elect lawmakers who then spend the other 54 percent’s money!
So, in essence, the 46% are causing the 54% to pay taxes without proper representation. Right? The people who pay no federal income tax should, if you logically think about it, be exempt from federal voting until they are a federal tax paying participant. They would still be eligible to vote in local and state elections since by living there, they pay taxes in all forms in that state and municipality. I know, this scenario would involve changing the constitution (Amendments) but this is a common-sense, 'What if?' question.

Now, take it a step further in our common sense scenario. What would happen if those on government support were not able to cast a ballot for congress? That is “one in six Americans” receiving money from the government.2  How different would the political landscape look? What kind of congress would be elected by only federal taxpaying citizens?
Would the elected officials-
  1. Be fiscally responsible and pro-private industry/business because that is how we as Americans have the opportunity to truly build wealth?
  2. Actually be held accountable for the tax laws and legislation/regulation which were anti-American business?
  3. Be people who would not become career politicians but would go and ‘serve’ and then come back and live and work within the laws they had passed?
This whole cyclic madness is crazy. People who get government money, vote for those who will give them more, who then spend other’s money to give to those who put them in office who then vote them back in. All the while the people out there working and paying the bills are squeezed dry so that others can benefit from their labors.

In my state, the legislature is made of primarily public union employees placed there so that their interests are the only ones in the state which are represented as they are in the majority. So, people who get paid with taxpayers’ money, control that same money and have the entire state held hostage to their demands. Does this seem crazy to anyone else?

Don’t even get me started on public unions…..Oy! They make the mob look democratic and I’m from Vegas!!


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  1. Well said. Taxation without representation. Put up or shut up. Simple as that.