Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We the Sheeple...

I listened today as President Obama droned on about all the construction workers that were out of work because the government isn't fixing bridges and runways that are in dire condition.  He makes it sound like all construction workers should work for the government and it is the government’s responsibility to hire them all! That's odd. I thought the biggest reason the construction industry has come to a standstill is due to the housing crisis and the uncertainty in the investment markets keeping real estate developers and businesses from growing and building! So aside from facts or reality, those listening to the Spinner-in-Chief will just swallow this bunk!

Aren't you tired of being played the fool? How stupid do they really think we are? Wait....don't answer that! They (politicians & media) prey upon the average ignorance of the American populace. Granted they have willing partners in those that only listen to network news or only read their local newspaper, but I and many others are starting to get the word out that politicians on both sides of the aisle have been LYING about everything for decades!!!
Why don't we find out for ourselves what is really going on in DC? Is it too much trouble to turn off one of the umpteen "Real Housewives" series and actually concern yourself with your country's demise? Is it just too boring to listen to what your representatives are actually saying on the floor of your House?  Is it just easier to become one of the mass of 'government' dependents than to go out and make an effort to be a self-made person? Is it just easier to be a salmon swimming along in the politically correct current or a sheep being carried along by the others in ignorant bliss?

Maybe, it's really not your fault. Maybe your public education curriculum was more intent on indoctrinating you on 'social justice', 'political correctness' or 'environmental friendliness' to actually teach you anything about our country, its founding documents or its political history (not re-written by those who have an agenda). Maybe, you simply are willingly ignorant because you are one of an entire generation of people who have been told that if you have convictions and stand up for any absolute principle , then you are judgmental and bigoted!

It's time for those who know the truth and see where we as a nation are headed to vocally stand up, unapologetically speak and defend our positions! We need to put our time and effort toward changing those things we know to be wrong.

Those who will not engage in an educated, fact-based debate know that they would lose such a contest and therefore they personally attack, call names or brand their opponent as the worse thing they can think of at the time. Don't be so easily intimidated! Get a backbone and decide which American you want to be! The one who stands idly by on the sidelines and watches the greatest nation ever crumble under the weight of its own stupidity or the one who stands and acts with every ounce of strength to fight for its survival?

STOP listening to those who want to scare you into sticking your head back into whichever "non-reality" show you are watching so they can continue in their corruption and greed! Pick up a non-biased news source (there are still but a few out there). Read the US Constitution for yourself! Read the Federalist Papers. Read a flipping history book for crying out loud!! Turn on one of those programs that the mass media is always railing about, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, etc....

Weakness is a choice. Stupidity is a choice. Inaction is inexcusable! America needs you to be equipped for her future and you are the only one who can do that for yourself!
Would you let someone take your credit card and max it out and then leave you to pay the bill happily? Of course not! But, that is exactly what Congress and the President ask you to do everyday! They spend the money and you pay for it. Don't think so???

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