Thursday, August 8, 2013

Don't Open the Door...



 Resist the devil and he will flee from you! James 4:7

Why is it in this day of sophisticated peep holes, caller ID, and screening devices do we feel obligated to answer the door or pick up the phone when we know that the person on the other side is a salesperson or solicitor of some type? We are then placed in the position of trying to politely get rid of them by telling them we have no interest in what they are hawking.

When I am home, I get my fair share of solicitations at my door. Whether it be sales, religion, politics, or services; they stop by day and evening.  Guess what? I don’t have to open the door.  It isn’t rude or “un-Christian”.  It is my house.  They are uninvited. I don’t want what they are selling, so I do not HAVE to open the door. 

Rarely, does the person on the other side have on a t-shirt that says what they really want.

“I’m here to sell you something that isn’t worth what I’m charging”

“I’m here to rip you off”

“I’m here because your part of my quota for the day”

“I’m here to harm you”

They are usually dressed nicely, have a nice tone to their voice and smile as if I’m their best bud! But, in reality, they are just trying to get me to do something that I have no interest in doing.

When I open the door, I’m then caught. Not once, when I didn’t open the door, did the person set up camp and stay there until I did.  They maybe knocked again, seeing my car in the driveway, then just went on to the next house. I went on about my business with nary a thought as to what it was they were selling. I have never regretted not knowing what it was. I have never once regretted not answering the door. The same goes for those ‘unidentified’ or ‘anonymous’ phone calls.  I don’t even think twice about them.

Isn’t sin the same way? It doesn’t come knocking with a sign that says, “I’m here to destroy you and your life” or “I’m hoping you’ll get sucked into this and fall completely and openly for all to see”

Sin always presents itself as inviting and friendly. Just because it’s knocking, doesn’t mean I have to open the door.  Because if I do, then I have to find a way to ‘un-entangle’ myself from it. 

Let go of that feeling of obligation to at least let the enemy know that I’m not interested. Don’t open the door! The enemy will get the message. He will not set up camp with no reprieve.  Just resist the urge to open the door even a crack. Go on about your business and he’ll get the message. God’s word promises that in James 4. 

Next time you see sin heading up the driveway, just remember, you don’t even have to open the door!


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