Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Isaac.....Who Knew?



Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

I'm sitting in a hotel room after attending a conference in one of my favorite cities.  

Last night a teacher spoke on sacrifice and asked this question, “What is your Isaac?” That thing that is most dear to you needs to be the thing we place on the altar. Of course, this is referencing the story of Abraham who was asked to place his only son on the altar and sacrifice him. (Genesis 22)

I racked my brain, thinking of all these big things.  My husband? My step-daughters? Something of my will?  I couldn’t think of a thing that I wouldn’t give to Him gladly.  I went to sleep still pondering this question.

As I sat here this morning, about to begin my studying and devotion, God tapped me on the shoulder and showed me a little something I apparently needed to know.  

I awakened, looking forward to my time with the Father.  But first, I had to get my coffee!  It was quite a fiasco, the small coffee pot in my room didn’t quite meet my morning glut,, need. So I looked for an in-room menu.  No menu. 

I pushed the button on the phone to “in room dining”, 8 times! I kept getting a recorded message that they were not available and then a hang up.

I called the operator , he stated an in-room menu would be sent right up!  Sure enough, a young man delivered it in moments. I looked and looked… beverages and no number on the menu to call.  I started pushing the “in room dining” button again, only to get the same message.  I called the operator again ( we were going to be good friends! ). Moments later, another gentleman called me to take my order.  I ordered a pot of coffee, a cup of half-n-half and a large glass of tomato juice.

Moments later a penguin-attired young man brought me my sought-after prize!
I took pains setting up the table with the mug (which really should be the size of a potted plant from Costco), the coffee, my sweetener and cream.

Just as I had stirred the last swirl, and was about to take a sip, the Holy Spirit casually said in my spirit “ Sure wish you looked forward to spending time with Me, like you look forward to that coffee in the morning”. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, that quiet time I spend with the Lord each morning, is the most important part of my day.  It’s part of my morning routine that I simply can’t do without.  Here’s the crux, I look forward to that cup of coffee (or 2 or let’s face it, the pot!) as much if not more!

So, who would have thought that a steaming cup of ground hazelnut with just the right sweetness and creamed to the color of caramel…..but I digress… would be my Isaac?!

So, Lord, one of my Isaacs is my coffee????  I have to give it up?

 “No, just that cup right there in front of you.” 

You mean this hard won cup of coffee that half the hotel had a hand in getting to me?

“ Yep, that one, go pour it out in the sink”

Here’s where the wrestling began. 

Well, that’s just silly!  Are you sure that’s what You want? If I tell anyone this, they’ll think I’ve really lost it this time!   But my spirit so longs to be obedient in every little area, that I could not say no to Him.  So, I got up, walked into the bathroom and poured that coffee down the sink.  As soon as the last drop swirled out of sight, I felt relief.  I knew that I had to write this down.  I knew that I had done exactly what He had asked, no matter how silly it sounded or minute the gesture.  I know that to Him, it was pure pleasure to see His child do what was asked, no matter how simple or strange it seemed. 

My next question to Him, was, “Do I give up coffee from now on?” all the while thinking of the caffeine headaches ahead! 

With a gentle and Fatherly way, He said, “No, make yourself another cup, just remember that I will not share your deepest affection and desire with anyone or anything. I want you to enjoy the simple things with Me, but keep them in their place.”

I will never again allow some ‘thing’ to give me the joy that only He will give. I love these simple little life lessons that show me His character, His love and His humor.  I just love how He loves me.
 “Father, thank you so much for this cup of coffee but more importantly, thank you for the lovely conversation!”



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