Thursday, August 22, 2013

Of Generals and Friends...

In 1 Chronicles 27 we find the chapter titled "Army Divisions" which then lists the descriptions of the positions of leadership in David’s kingdom. It details every military commander of the tribes to all of the livestock and agricultural officers.  I am impressed with such great organization and order. We read line after line of the name, heritage, tribe and titled position within this vast kingdom. Near the end of the chapter, I was struck by this line,
            ‘Hushai the Arkite was the King’s friend’ 1 Chronicles 27:33b
Just before that in the same verse another man was listed as the king’s counselor so apparently these were two distinct positions. How important is friendship that God’s Word sets it up as a position of honor equal with the commanders of thousands? I believe being a true friend is a lost art and these days it is rare to find someone who knows how to be a real friend. True friendship involves commitment, loyalty, investment of time, love, integrity and even accountability. I aspire to be the friend I would want and know that this takes purposeful action. God has placed several women in my life and each has a unique relationship for which I am so grateful. I pray that I am the friend God has called me to be in this season and for my life. Friendship is so important that God placed it right up there with commanders of armies.
"Father, fill me with great love for my friends
and may I serve You by serving them."

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