Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make 'Em Thirsty!


 You are the salt of the earth. But, if salt loses its saltiness,
 how can it be made salty again? Matt 5:13


Salt makes you thirsty. Ok, you’re probably thinking that I have an amazing grasp of the obvious but, stick with me here. God’s Word says that we are to be the salt of the earth. I’ve head this concept at retreats, heard sermons encouraging this and had Bible teachers expound on it and it never made much sense to me. This morning, it finally hit me. Maybe it’s because I had been partaking in a southern tradition of boiled peanuts. If you are a salt lover, this is the treat for you! I happened to love salty food and that’s why this really came home to me. Whenever I eat something salty, it makes me so thirsty that I’m not just thirsty at the moment but for hours later that same day. Nothing quenches that thirst like crisp cool water and lots of it! That’s what it means. We are to live in such a way that it makes people thirsty for the Living Water of a relationship with Christ! My life should not make people want more of ‘me’, but more of Him. 
When we eat something salty or spicy, it makes us want something to drink. We don’t quench the thirst with more salt or spice. We quench it with liquid. I get it now. The abundant life I live in Christ, the joy I have, the peace I have should point the way to the Filler and Sustainer of life. When I walk through the valley, people are watching. They will look to see how a professing Christian reacts to the storms that assail her. Will they see that it is not me, but Him carrying me through? Will they see someone who doesn’t question the circumstance because she trusts the One who has it all in His hands? When they see His great strength in our weakness and most especially in our greatest time of need, they will be thirsty for that in their own lives.  I want to be salty! I want to be really salty! If they can see Christ living and working in me, then, Lord, make me as salty as a boiled peanut!

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