Monday, February 2, 2015

The Humble and the ....Strong?

It takes great strength to humble one's self and serve others. Setting aside my natural bent towards consuming self-interest is not accomplished by accident. The fruit of the Holy Spirit includes self-control. This is a deliberate discipline which must be practiced and exercised every day. I've heard that 'meekness' means, "great strength under control". As God continues to teach me what the sanctified life looks like, He continues to stress humbling myself as a basis for all He would sanctify in me. Daily humbling myself to Him and others is a discipline which I am purposefully walking through. It begins there. Emptying myself and submitting completely and utterly to His masterful hand. Obeying, even in the slightest thing. Standing, when a direction is unclear and waiting on Him to move. Continuing in what I know, even when it seems monotonous or fruitless. He will harvest. I am to sow, water, weed and work until He calls me home.

Thank you Lord for your strength. I need nothing but You to live in abundance. You are my joy. You are my peace and I love You with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

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