Monday, May 4, 2015

Accidental Tree

While driving through the vast openness that is Kansas, I watched miles of flat pastureland roll by my window. I had turned the radio off and was talking to God. I was pouring out my frustrations about where I'm at and questioning if I'm serving Him at all when all I feel is chaos and discouragement. Just as I finished that thought, I saw it. In the middle of all the flatness, there was a tree. It was pretty weathered and tilted by the years of prevailing winds. It was all alone there with nothing like it as far as the eye could see. I said, "See, I feel like that tree Lord, beaten, weathered and little tattered. I feel so alone sometimes and very isolated. Where I'm at makes about as much sense at that tree in the middle of miles of nothing". His gentle answer was as soft as a breeze and I heard Him say to my heart.

"From this distance the tree appears alone, but if you were to look closely it is a home for animals, birds and insects. It provides shade to the farmer when in the heat of the day he seeks shelter. It is bent but has grown strong in the winds day after day. It appears to be random and alone in its placement, but to those who needed a tree right in that place, it is exactly where it should be. It is unique in its surroundings and stands out because it's the only one of its kind there. It's visible from a long distance and has beauty in the contrast."

I hear you Lord and I'm okay right where I'm at...

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